IGNOU Solved Assignment

  1. Payment terms – information on how to make payments, accepted payment methods, and information on refunds or returns.
  2. Shipping and delivery – details on how and when the books will be delivered, shipping costs, and information on returns.
  3. Product descriptions – a description of the books offered for sale, including information on any warranties or guarantees.
  4. Privacy policy – information on how the online book store will use customer information, including details on data collection, storage, and security.
  5. User agreement – a description of the terms and conditions under which customers can use the online book store, including information on account creation, usage, and termination.
  6. Limitation of liability – a disclaimer of liability for any damages resulting from the use of the online book store or from the purchase of products from the store.
  7. Intellectual property – a statement regarding the online book store’s ownership of its intellectual property, including its trademarks, logos, and copyrighted material.
  8. Dispute resolution – information on how any disputes between the customer and the online book store will be resolved, including details on alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration.